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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First time for everything...

My husband, Jeff, and I have been reading a lot, (Yes, pretty much every one...), of Blogs pertaining to Ryan Homes.  A couple of months ago, while driving up to Erie PA to visit my in-laws, we passed a planned community, Brunswick Crossing, in Frederick MD and fell in love with Ryan Homes.  Sadly, because we need to continue to work while living there would become quite the burden with a nearly 60 minute plus commute, one way, we have begun to branch out and visit other communities and do more research on Ryan Homes and various other builders.

After reading about 6 blogs in their entirety tonight, I've decided to start my own blog of our hope-to-be-soon-process.  We have a meeting schedule for this upcoming Sunday with a Sales Rep.  Jeff and I really want to get some exact costs and ideas for nearly everything before we decide to think about committing.  We currently are already home owners, but this'll be our first time building a home.  In addition, we really don't know a lot of people who've been able to build their own home.

This entire post is completely random, but!  As the title says, 'First time for everything... ', I've never ran a blog before.  I'm just really excited, and thankful for all of you who've gone through the whole process and opened up your thoughts, opinions and your own processes for everything including Ryan Homes.  This is for all of you, and maybe hopefully, I'll add some new elements and be able to help someone who's considering the same thing we are.

Wish us luck on Sunday!  Really hopeful for some good news on costs, although, after reading all of the blogs, super nervous for all of the options, but glad we're doing this meeting before signing anything.

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