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Monday, November 8, 2010

Initial Meeting

Jeff and I had our preliminary meeting with our sales rep yesterday.  A lot of surprises, good and ... Well, interesting.  And, at the end of the day, the house is not just affordable, it's "Why didn't we build the first time we wanted to buy a house?" affordable.  Kicking ourselves a little bit in the butt for that.  Now!  The next step, is to figure out what to do with our current house, (I'd say 'home', but mentally, I am already packed, moved and soaking in a great big bubble bath, with a glass of wine in my master bathroom).  This initial meeting was absolutely entertaining and interesting.  My husband and I have never been apart of building our own home, family wise or no experience what so ever.  We are completely knew, and had no idea how the whole experience would go.  So, having this meeting, with absolutely NO paperwork being signed, and having the sales rep spend 2 hours of time with us going over, essentially, everything, was really cool.  We didn't know they'd do that, which is another reason why we've been slacking in this department for some time.  I'd def recommend doing it again to anyone, even if it's just for an eye opener and learning experience,

We're in a minor time crunch, or at least, it feels that way to me.  Ryan Homes is having the Most Awesome Incentive Ever Heard Of, right this moment.  Bad news?  It's scheduled to end on the 14th.  Bit ridiculous to me, to have an incentive for 14 days, but... And, badder news: We're going out of town from Wednesday - Sunday. Awesome.  We'll be meeting with our real estate agent tomorrow night.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I will go into more detail about the upgrades available, and the ones we choose, next time.  Just wanted to update this for myself, so that way, when I look back at this experience, I can't say... "Man, I was too lazy to post the day after that first very important awesome meeting?  I stink."

Before I get going though.  One interesting thing, that I do not know if anyone else had issues with or even came to realize...

All knobs are your friend.  And, I am talking about your drawers for your kitchen, your master bath and any of your other full baths, not powder rooms with pedestal sinks.  Knobs, ladies and gentleman, are not Ryan Homes' friend, it seems.  It's actually, here in Maryland at least, an upgrade!  $200, flat, for knobs, otherwise, you purchase and install your own.  I laughed out loud at this.  Then, I immediately asked... "Well, how many cabinets are in the kitchen for the Naples?"  Sales rep says... "I... Have no idea".  Interesting.
Did anyone else have to upgrade to knobs, or were they included?  And, it's not even an 'upgrade', you only get one.  There isn't a choice in the matter.  (Negatively, I am thinking to myself... Since they only buy the 1 kind, they must pay $0.01 for each....)

Fun stuff.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog after looking at the blogs one of my "followers" follow. So you decided to go ahead with it. That's great! I'm looking forward to reading more about your journey. And the knobs? Not even an upgrade choice for us. Like lots of other things, that's something we'll do ourselves.
    Also, I'm curious (and extremely jealous!) what incentive did you get?

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  3. Just stumbled onto your blog. It's been 2 months since you updated last. Did you change your mind? Are you not building a Ryan Home?