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Friday, November 5, 2010

Question for all current Ryan Homes owners!

One of my husbands co-workers bought a Ryan Home, in the same community we're looking into this previous year.  Jeff asked him if there were any upgrades he realized he cannot live without and to flip that, any upgrades they could have lived without.

Some of the things his co-worker mentioned were, of course, the Morning Room, Finishing the Basement, and carpet information.  However, there were some added insight from him that I previously hadn't read in any of the blogs.
For instance.  The cost of upgrading the master baths tub to have jets?  $400 in this community.  (Soaking tub, here we come.)  He was also purchasing a Venice, where as Jeff and I are looking into a Naples.  He stated that the Venice's gourmet island wasn't what they really wanted, and instead, replaced it with the gourmet island mostly found in Naples homes.  That interesting mix of an upgrade got me thinking of a million more possibilities! Now, I am incredibly interested and curious if, with the Naples, I could get the bathroom in the basement, not with a tub but a shower.

Have any of you did an interesting mix for any of your upgrades?  And, is there any 'upgrade' that you did do, but realized, 'Hey, instead of granite counters, the corian would have been just as nice?'

2 days until we have our 'Sit Down' with the Sales Rep.  Really hoping to get some Good News Numbers!  Or, we may need to forgo one of our kids, in lieu of the house.

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